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Water Features

There is no better way to transform a backyard into a serene getaway than to include water features in your landscaping plan. The sound of trickling and splashing water will help soothe away your stress and worries, and the flowing water will attract birds and butterflies to your property. More and more of our customers in Belle River are choosing to incorporate water features into their landscaping. Whether you include a small fountain or bubbling rock, or expand your plans to include an in-ground pond or even a waterfall, water features add elegance and value to your property. If you are considering adding water features to a landscape in Belle River, call Discovery Landscaping Inc today to learn more!

Do water features need to be chlorinated?

No, landscape water features do not need to be chlorinated. In fact, chlorinating the water will make the water poisonous to fish (if you have them), birds, and other animals. If you are concerned about algae colouring the water, a better choice than chlorine is a simple algaecide. It will last longer and will not be dangerous for animal life.

Do water features need to be winterized?

Many water features do not require any form of winterization. However, water features that include pumps should have the pumps removed to prevent their seals from being damaged by ice. If your water feature is a home to fish, bubblers can be installed to provide them with oxygen after the surface has frozen.

Will my water feature attract mosquitos?

A properly designed pond or fountain will not attract mosquitos or give them a place to breed. Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water, and any water feature installed by us at Discovery Landscaping Inc will have moving water that will repel mosquitos.

Water features are one of the best ways to add beauty and serenity to your property. If you want to take advantage of water features in your landscaping, call Discovery Landscaping Inc today!

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